Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Twin Cities

My favorite line from Hillary's speech tonight:

"It's no surprise that McCain and Bush will be appearing together in the Twin Cities next week...it's pretty hard to tell them apart these days."

And from the NYTimes article about Biden's speech:

Mr. Biden, who referred to his childhood struggle with stuttering, made a few verbal slips, including referring to Mr. McCain as “George.”

“Freudian slip, folks,” he said. “Freudian slip.”

Sunday, August 24, 2008

This Week's Bookmarks

A few World Wide Web links for the three to five readers per day who haven't arrived here via a Google image search. (I've never searched the World Wide Web for "world wide web" before. Why isn't Sir Tim Berners-Lee the most famous guy on the planet?)

Sweet bathroom art
A very different way to spruce up the water closet than what the pictures in my previous post illustrate. If I had money, he'd be way up on my commission list.

Composer Charles Wuorinen with his cat.

In the home stretch of an election that I fear might confirm my utter lack of faith in the people of this country, finding this pathetic website has not helped my optimism. Apparently Charles Wuoronin's opera based on the Brokeback Mountain story (or "gay, 12-tone cowboys," as Ross puts it) will be "radical and dangerous" in its "celebration" of the "homosexual lifestyle." I'm surprised these ultra-conservative hominids are able to maintain a website, considering their desperate attempts to exist in a different century than the rest of us.

American sprinter Tyson Homosexual

This is the same news-censoring site that reports on "Tyson Homosexual's" track and field successes and "Rudy Homosexual's" basketball career. Conservatives apparently still like to view being gay as a psychological disorder, rather than a common sexual orientation, and thus prefer the term homosexual - the most clinical and scientific word, and a term that many gays and lesbians consider highly insulting for this reason - to the word gay. So, they use a software program that automatically converts every instance of "gay" to "homosexual" so its readers won't be quite so threatened by this horrible and potentially contagious disorder. Some results are the ridiculous articles about Tyson and Rudy Homosexual. I agree with Michael Scherer that nonfiction writer Homosexual Talese should chime in on the issue.

A couple questions for the homophobic writers: how would they censor their own scientific classification as homo erectus? And shouldn't they censor the name of the Brokeback article's author? Charlie Butts sounds pretty vulgar to me. Maybe Charlie Rears or Charlie Backsides?

I'm constantly baffled at how people who claim to live by a strong moral code can hold such horribly derogatory, completely immoral, vastly inhumane, highly bigoted, overtly frightened, and simply uneducated views. It's a shame, and it's depressing, and I'm embarrassed to share a nation with them. The fact that our country still insists on denying a giant proportion of its citizens the right to get married is preposterous. So is the fact that states can legally murder their inmates. How is it wrong to abort a 2-week old fetus but ok to kill a full grown person or torture a suspect? These are issues that the true, leftist Obama that I hope hides behind his campaign facade will tackle head-on if he does win this election.