Monday, July 14, 2008

NYC Graffiti Sightings This Weekend

I took a couple cell phone pics of excellent graffiti on Saturday. Just before a great tour of the Six Points Brewery in Red Hook, Brooklyn, I caught this consumer culture statement on Van Dyke Street. Reminds me of Banksy, one of my favorite graffiti artists, but the image of the robot/policeman/soldier/?? is a paper cut-out and pasted onto the wall, and all the Banksy tags I've seen are stenciled. I can't tell exactly what's in his hands--some kind of metal stick, maybe--or if he's robot, human, or cyborg. But I think I get the message more or less. The real Ikea is only a couple blocks away.

After the PS1 Warm Up in Long Island City, Queens, I checked out this massive collection of tags that spans the entire front of a large building on Jackson Ave.

You can see exact locations of the graffiti on Google Earth because I uploaded the pics on Panoramio and gave them locations, which load directly to Google Earth.

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